The September 2nd Personality - The Day of the Businesslike Attitude

The September Second Personality

Those born on September 2 are not big on frills. They hate phoniness and despise all forms of affectation. Rarely will they make excuses for their work or behavior. September 2 people just want to get on with the job, and indeed can become workaholics.

Most September 2 people present an unassuming exterior, and do not go out of their way to draw attention to themselves. If blessed with moderate talents, they generally choose a tried and true career path with a low risk factor. The more unusual people born on this day may seek some degree of danger and excitement, but usually prefer to generate it themselves rather than just go along for the ride.

Those born on this day can be quick to defend the rights of the average person. September 2 people are likely averse to egocentrism, flakiness or unnecessary complication in the language or thought of others. September 2 people do, however, display great sympathy for those in genuine need or stricken by misfortune or calamity. Unfortunately, they themselves may refuse to seek help when they truly need it, suppressing fears and insecurities which can later erupt in sudden displays of temper and anger.

September 2 people are usually good at handling money and finances, particularly their own, even if they don’t have that much to manage. In matters of love, September 2 people can be pretty particular about what they want, and choose to settle for nothing rather than compromise their expectations. To say they are rather demanding of mates and lovers may well be an understatement.

In whatever walk of life they find themselves, September 2 people will conduct themselves according to a fairly fixed code of honor. They should remember to keep it light, have fun and enjoy life.

STRENGTHS:  Fair, Honest, Unpretentious

WEAKNESSES:  Unyielding, Moody, Explosive

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider

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